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Started triathlon
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August 1990
Aabenraa, Denmark
Tri Team SDU (NTC), Odense
Rødekro Tri & Motion (Denmark)
Tri Val de Gray (Grand Prix, France)
Krefelder Kanu Klub (Bundesliga, Germany)


I fell in love with the daily routines of an elite athlete, while I was a swimmer at national elite level during high school. When I graduated high school and stopped swimming in 2009, I did my first triathlon – thinking it was my last sport event before I would go on to dedicate my life to Uni and focus on my academic career, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was hooked by triathlon and I could not give up on the active life style. While I studied my Bachelor Degree in Sports Science at Aarhus University, I learned how to bike and run and how to put all three disciplines together, coached by Casper Callesen and Jonathan Small. I had immediate national success, likely caused by my endurance from swimming – but I guess you can ask any Danish coach at that point if I looked like a ”natural talented runner” and they will quite likely shake their heads, maybe even laugh.

Fast forward to 2014, I moved to the National Training Center in Odense to combine triathlon training and study my Masters Degree in Physical Education & Health. Coached by Kasper Gejl and Rasmus Stubager, I quickly developted into ”Olympic hopefull” and raced the World Cup circuit in the 2-year qualification period as well as Grand Prix and Bundesliga. I fell just short in the end and did not qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. I have been back-to-back Danish Sprint Champion since 2014.

In January 2017, I graduated my Masters Degree and Research Year in Performance Nutrition. This is my first year as professionel athlete, now coached by Michael Krüger. I have moved up to longer distances and at my first half ironman in Challenge Lisbon, I finished on the podium.

Four years ago, my biggest dream was to one day be the National Champion. I managed to find the road to that destination. Resilience, dedication and excitement was the foundation.

Four years from now, I see myself having earned medals at International Championships and having inspired others (in and out of sport). The destination excites me, but so does the journey. It’s time to find the way…


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