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ANGi: This helmet calls for help



ANGi: This helmet calls for help

So I guess, 2020 kind of took us a little by surprise? I certainly hadn’t seen the Corona coming! Social distancing, staycations, and cancelled races are some of the symptoms of the year, while we try to figure out how to live with the cause. 

In Denmark, we have had some restrictions on how to go about with every-day life, just as anywhere else in the world – but we have been fortunate to live fairly freely throughout the past four months. For example, we have been allowed to train outside, and even in smaller groups. I know that a lot has been restricted or recommended to train indoor or alone – and still is, and that’s why I thought it was relevant to make some noise today about an innovation from Specialized. 

It’s called “ANGi”. ANGi is not brand new (it was released last year), but it’s still a brand good idea, if you ask me. ANGi is a key element to solo rides; whether it be time-trialling on Tuesdays, long rides on Sundays, commuting, MTB’ing….albeit less relevant for Zwifting!

The innovation comes from trying to solve the issue: Sometimes, we are out riding on our own, and our relatives don’t know exactly where we are going – maybe we don’t even know it ourselves. The issue arises if we crash and can’t call for help ourselves. “ANGi” is the solution that might save lives.

It’s the small black box on the back of my helmet. And it is precisely that: “The black box”. It tracks crashes (by Angular and G-Force indicator….guess where the “ANGi” comes from). So if you’re out riding on your own, and (let’s hope not) it happens that you crash, it sends a message to your chosen key contacts – and tells your location. 

If you’ve hit the deck but you are actually alright and don’t need assistance, you just turn off the alarm in the Specialized Ride App. If you don’t need a new helmet today, you can purchase the ANGi sensor separately. All you need is a helmet to mount it to and a smartphone that can download the Specialized Ride App. 

It’s a small step in the direction of waaay better safety! I recommend to use it at least when you’re on a solo ride, and especially in the woods. Help your nearest help you!

Just a friendly recommondation from moi. Train hard, stay safe, wash your hands and enjoy the ride of a very special 2020. Make the most of it; just as it is 🙂

For more info: https://www.specialized.com/dk/da/stories/angi. Blog post supported by Speicalized. Photo credit to Arne Matthiesen.

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