Behind the scenes: CeramicSpeed commercial in the making

During the summer, I was fortunate to be involved in the making of marketing material for CeramicSpeed’s new product: The UFO Drip Chain Coating. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes from a different evening as a sponsored athlete.

At the time, I was involved in the project – in late June -I got really excited about it  but there were still two months to the product would be announced at the annual EuroBike show, so it ended up being two long months! But now it’s out and I can’t wait till next season where I can race with it.

I had a long night out with Jesper Grønnemark and Kasper Povlsen as the photographers and Ben from CeramicSpeed. It was super chilled (as in #goinghygge – also when it ended up being pretty chilly once the sun had set).

My job was simple; clean my TT bike, wear full TT-outfit, ride back and forth, from side to side, accelerate, brake and smile. I loved every minute of it, and it was inspiring to watch how creative the guys worked; they did anything to get that shot in – hanging out from the back of a driving car, or moving with me on their skateboard or rollers, or even jeopardizing their life while lying on the roof of a driving van – just to get the light right.

In the end, I’d say it turned out pretty good 🙂 But in the end, what it’s all about, is that the product is good. And it’s certainly approved from me. Go get #dripped, if you want to save watts 😉

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