Kåm så de røgje!


Så er det officielt! Jeg stiller fra dags dato op for Rødekro Tri og Motion. Jeg rykker dermed mit klubmedlemskab hjem til det sønderjyske, med forhåbning om at jeg kan bidrage til talentudviklingen som rollemodel for andre unge sønderjyder, der drømmer om at blive til noget stort indenfor sportens verden; måske endnu større end Sønderjysk Mester….selvom det jo også er et stepping stone, som også for mig har været meget betydningsfuldt!

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Copenhagen Road

Er flyttet i ny lejlighed i Odense C, og har udnyttet til fulde at det er off season og kan bruge tiden på at komme på plads. Det har været vigtigt for mig, at lejligheden har været funktionel ift at kunne “huse” alt udstyr, og at det er nemt tilgængeligt. Jeg nyder allerede at have lidt mere plads, efter 4 år i en 1-værelses hvor jeg nærmest har sovet ovenpå bøtter med energipulver, spist morgenmad med cyklen “til bords” og haft cykelslanger som eneste lejlighedsudsmykning.

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Clean Sport campaign

In Denmark, we have an anti doping campaign going on, where a depeche is relay’ing around the country between athletes. When you have the depeche, you have the opportunity to create awareness on clean sport. I was fortunate to have the depeche in September so I took the opportunity to do a clean sport campaign in Danish. I’ve got some requests on translating it to English so here are all six posts, in one blog ..

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Behind the scenes: CeramicSpeed commercial in the making

During the summer, I was fortunate to be involved in the making of marketing material for CeramicSpeed’s new product: The UFO Drip Chain Coating. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes from a different evening as a sponsored athlete.

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You always have a choice

(If you start reading, you’ll have to finish – or go directly to version 2! NB: The first paragraph is way exaggerated! And I know it’s a bit risci to post it – I really don’t mean to offend anyone… Hope you’ll get the point 😉

Fall 2016, version 1

So, I was in my greatest shape ever and pumped up for my 70.3 debut. I fell over my bike because of a stupid bastard that didn’t know the traffic rules. I was in sooo much pain immediately but I went on my trip to the race. It was a nightmare to get there. I was stranded in Brussels, had to buy new tickets and walk around and around with all of my luggage.

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The Race report without a Race

Note to self: Sometimes, take a hint. Especially when they’re thrown at you. In your face!

Okay, onto my half-ironman debut race report:

Short version: DNS

Medium version: Did not finish, because I did not start.

Long version:

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The Games

Athletes are now on their way to Rio and The Games get underway tomorrow. There is no need to hide that for two years I also had a vision of standing with a plane ticket, destination: Rio. During the qualification period I was both in, out and on the edge of qualifying. I reached a new level of my self just prior the qualification period started which was perfect timing to get going on the #roadtoRio. Later I struggled a bit more with that “perfect timing”…
After a good start in 2014, I stumbled a bit during 2015 but then seemed to get stronger and refreshed after the off-season.

Meanwhile, life happened. I had a random gut infection, surgery, and my appendix haunted me for months after I had it taken out and it was in the trash. I couldn’t re-find balance in time and I didn’t even make it to the start of any of the last 10 qualification races. When that happens there isn’t even a “what if”!

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