The Race report without a Race

Note to self: Sometimes, take a hint. Especially when they’re thrown at you. In your face!

Okay, onto my half-ironman debut race report:

Short version: DNS

Medium version: Did not finish, because I did not start.

Long version:

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The Games

Athletes are now on their way to Rio and The Games get underway tomorrow. There is no need to hide that for two years I also had a vision of standing with a plane ticket, destination: Rio. During the qualification period I was both in, out and on the edge of qualifying. I reached a new level of my self just prior the qualification period started which was perfect timing to get going on the #roadtoRio. Later I struggled a bit more with that “perfect timing”…
After a good start in 2014, I stumbled a bit during 2015 but then seemed to get stronger and refreshed after the off-season.

Meanwhile, life happened. I had a random gut infection, surgery, and my appendix haunted me for months after I had it taken out and it was in the trash. I couldn’t re-find balance in time and I didn’t even make it to the start of any of the last 10 qualification races. When that happens there isn’t even a “what if”!

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