Coaching by Thams

At the moment I, unfortunately, have no open spots for coaching.

Growing up, I was more interested in understanding physiology and analyzing speed and movements, than actually being active myself. My world changed upside down when I started triathlon, and I can’t imagine a day without training now. Fortunately, I’m now able to combine being active my self on a professional level and work as Personal Coach during my recovery time.

I have a Bachelor and Masters in Sports Science with major in Nutrition within Endurance Sport. Further, I have won international prizes as a Young Scientist. Combined with my theoretical background, I have as active triathlete worked closely together with, and learned from national and international coaches during the last 7 years.

No matter your level, I expect that you have a clear goal and you are ready to commit fully to our plan. That doesn’t mean that I expect you to live like a professional, e.g. I’m training sub 10-Ironman athletes with 10 hour training weeks. I have worked with triathletes, runners, cyclists and “J√¶gerkorps” aspirants.

Working with semi-professionals, talents, and even beginner athletes inspires me, and challenge me to crack the code of what it takes to fulfill your potential in the setting you are given.¬†For me it’s the progression that matters; how far can we take you from where you are now?

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