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Coaching - Line Thams

Coaching by Thams

Growing up, I was more interested in understanding physiology and analyzing speed and movements, than actually being active myself. By now, I have learned to love being active – but I still also get a buzz of completing the puzzle: How do I help athletes fulfill their potential in the setting they are given?

Today, I am working with triathletes, runners, and cyclists. Some are professional athletes, aiming for the Olympics or gold medals, others are exercising a couple of times per week, aiming to make room for another bottle of wine. I have been fortunate to be behind the scenes in three professional IM podiums, Kona qualifications (pro and AG’s), and national championships.

I hold a Masters degree in Sports Science from University of Southern Denmark. Combined with my theoretical background, I have as elite triathlete worked closely together with, and learned from national and international coaches during the last 8 years.

No matter your level, I expect that you have a clear goal and you are ready to commit fully to our plan.¬†For me it’s the progression that matters; how far can we take you from where you are now?

Prize: 1500 Dkr pr month. Contact me for more information.

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