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Mini-movie update, because pictures speak larger than words.



Pop the corns: 2019 review

So it’s been a while. Like a long bit of while. And there is one obvious reason: I’ve simply not found the right words to describe the past 2-3 years. There has been a few more unexpected than I expected; even though I normally try to expect the unexpected. And then for a reason, I’ve let this site in silence, thinking that before I could start writing again, I needed to “give a proper update”. An update on why I almost haven’t raced in 3 years, an update on what I’ve been up to instead – and it’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, but where. to. start? And then I realised, that there are “no rules” for blogs 🙂

Then as I scrolled through my camera roll the other day, I got an idea. I was reminded that sometimes words come second to pictures. And then I started putting the pictures together. For each day during 2019* from which I have a photo, I chose a single one and then put them chronologically in order into a mini-movie. I think the movie gives a pretty good update and insight into what I’ve been up to in another year where triathlon took the back seat. 

Shortly in words, it shows how Adam made “an extreme make-over” when getting some fresh’n’healthy bone marrow, how I spend lots of happy hours on my bike processing life, how we (finally) went traveling again, how I ended up being an amazing post-it costumer, upped my coaching game, a baby was born (not mine btw) – and because of the “rules” behind the movie, all the random stuff in between: Everyday life.  It’s the very-unfiltered version…but that’s the best kind, right?

My sponsors during 2019 are obviously also a big part of the movie (so here I should write, “advertise”). Nevertheless, a big thank you to Specialized, Autohuset Vestergaard, Suunto, Purepower, Xtreme, Kadence, CeramicSpeed and Mako, for your extremely loyal support. 

So pop the corns, it’s mini-movie time 🙂 …better with sound on!

*I should have started in 2017 to give the full update, but then again I would never had got started. **From December 31 I chose two photos, but I think you’ll forgive me 😉 

Thanks for watching/reading!
I’ be back! 🙂

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