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From weather report to race report - Line Thams



From weather report to race report

It’s time for an update.

Weather report: Sunny, 17 degrees. I’m currently so pale, that I need to wear sunscreen in bed not to get burned. PS: I LOVE spring!

Leg report: Stiff. Been running track this morning with (aka trying desperately to hang on to) Bermuda-ready Lotte Killer-Miller. Hurts so bad, feels so good. PS: I love track!

Food report: As usual, but adding Easter eggs for the weekend.  I rarely eat milk chocolate, and there’s a very good reason. I get sooo addicted to it. (Can you relate?) So I think, it’s often easier to just miss out of it. But not when Easter eggs are on sale. I love Easter eggs.

Life-outside-triathlon report: Alternative. You probably know by now, that my boyfriend is down with lymphoma cancer – and a relapse of it. He’s been sick for a year now and has been through 16 chemo cures where the last 4 have been quite intense. He is now recovering in the hospital, after a bone marrow (stem cell)-transplantation. I’m pretty sure he will be fine after this….but he will need some time to recover. With hemoglobin levels currently at 2 g/dl, I’m at least not expecting any run company from him in the nearest future. I’m actually almost surprised he can grab his phone and text me goodnight. 😉

I’ve come to learn that in this period, life doesn’t run away from me; it just runs with me on a bit different route than I’d originally had planned out. Knowing that, it’s easier to run with the flow and take each step as it is. BTW other than some poor physical standings, Adam is okay – he never complaints, feels victimized, or whine about it, which definitely makes it easy for me as partner, and my support is actually more practical based than emotional. 

Training report: Up and down. I focus my energy mainly on being there for Adam. It’s a prioritize – but to me, it’s meaningful and I wouldn’t do it any other way. Some days cancer-life fills up most of the time, other days are (for me) quite normal – they really vary. So I don’t have a certain training schedule (and I’m lacking the key: consistency), but whenever it is possible, I go train with the squad (Tri Team SDU) or do a swim/bike/run on my own. I am really grateful to have the squad around me. First of all they are so supportive to both Adam and I, and being with them represents  normality. Normality is probably the thing, I have craved the most over the last two years.  On top of that, they keep me on my toes physically. I know, that as long as I can train with them, my shape is not too bad. And as the race season is on, the squad training is quite intensive at the moment, meaning that I can get a good, effective training done in a short time, when I’m time deprived. So it really keeps me motivated to stay fit enough to be able to train with them, also knowing that as long as I can keep somewhat up with them, race fitness is not too far ahead.

(Plus they are some of my best friends, so obviously I want to spend as much time with them as possible…preferably when I’m able to actually talk to them and not run around with 180HR all the time ;)).

Speaking of race fitness…

Race plan / race report: Not existing. I really miss racing, so going into this year (also thinking we were almost done with cancer life), I got myself a setup from where I can start racing, whenever I’m ready to go. I’ve got contracts with the French team Tri Val de Gray and the German team Krefelder. I still get support from my very loyal sponsors (applause). And I’ve got my Danish club, Rødekro Tri & Motion behind my back. My base form is okay…..but my race fitness is at hyperventilation-state whenever I try to go 30sec in race pace. I’ve chosen to leave the race plan with a big TBD (to be decided). It will come when It comes. I’m pretty sure I can’t wait till I’m 100% fit, but I still want to be in a shape where I feel I can compete – and not only “complete” – before I put myself on the startline.

On other news (okay, it’s not really news any longer), but last year I cut down on my coaching business (to a golden minimum = my golden minions) and have started working at Aarhus and Copenhagen University instead. The job description is “being a nerd”. In reality, what I do, is rather project managing and teaching. Especially the teaching part, I really hadn’t seen that coming (I mean….I’m currently lying next to a teddy bear, eating my Easter eggs), but it is actually pretty perfect for me and I enjoy the flexibility around it.

Blog report: 99% completed. But not without the QOTD. And because it’s Saturday, here’s 2:

  1. “In your life, you are either the passenger or the pilot, and it’s your choice.” -Unknown
  2. “Happiness is letting go of what you think, your life is supposed to look like, and start enjoying it for everything that it is.” -Mandy Hale

I wish you a happy Easter, 


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